‘Hysterical… Terrifyingly brilliant commitment to everything’ (TheEdgeSUSU.co.uk).

Normal Boy are delighted to bring you a perfectly regular hour of sketch comedy to the Edinburgh Fringe! See some normal boys’ absolutely ordinary take on everything: missing brioche, R’n’B, why Mum won’t write to us anymore. So why not come see a bunch of positively routine boys (and girl) desperately throw everything they have on stage, hoping Dad will play one last game of catch with them? ‘Turned in performances of genuinely affecting emotion and pathos even in the most ludicrous premises’ (TheEdgeSUSU.co.uk).

13:00-14:00, 3rd-23rd, 26th-27th August 2017

Sweet Holyrood (Venue 94) ​

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Audience Reviews:

“This is a brilliant debut show from Normal Boy. Original narrative and loveable troupe members. A must see this Fringe!”

“Gorgeously written sketches and a massive stonking ending.”

“A great choice for lunchtime laughs.”