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Online Resources


Improv Encyclopedia – A huge collection of resources including a glossary of terms, details on plenty of games and links to more resources.

People and Chairs – An improv blog full of helpful resources from warm-ups to guest bloggers.

Improvable – A blog with particular focus on marginalised voices within the improv world with incredibly useful insights.

Katy Schutte – Run by Katy Schutte, a London-based improviser and teacher.

UCB Podcasts – A variety of podcasts exploring the world and inhabitants of the UCB improv theatre network.

Splitsider – A mixed bag of news and articles.


Splitsider – A mixed bag of news and articles.

Steve Martin Shows You How to Write a Sketch Show – An article exploring the balance of sketch types in the early seasons of SNL.


Chortle – A great resource for British comedy news and reviews.

Splitsider – A mixed bag of news and articles. – Interviews with plenty of stand-ups.

Jerry Corley’s Comedy Clinic – Some useful insights from the founder of the ‘Stand Up Comedy Clinic’ in California.

Stand-Up NY – A blog exploring many different aspects of stand-up, from tips for beginners to examinations of well-known acts.


BBC Writers Toolkit – A collection of resources and information of particular use to anyone looking to learn more about the entertainment industry.

Earwolf – Earwolf hosts a great range of podcasts, from pure entertainment to discussing the world of comedy.

London Playwrights Blog – Resources for emerging playwrights.

On Funny Women, Feminism, and Being Pretty – An interesting article on how it can feel to be a woman in comedy.

How Do You Write Good Comedy? – ‘Some of Britain’s finest comedians share their knowledge’ in this article.

Comedy Connections – A series exploring how many great comedy series’ came to fruition.

TED Talks – A collection of TED Talks on comedy.

Go Into the Story – A helpful blog for anybody interested in screenwriting.

Laughter: an Essay on the Meaning of the Comic – A fascinating philosophical essay by Henri Bergson exploring what laughter means and why we laugh.

The Pragmatics of Humorous Interpretations – Curco Cubos’ doctoral thesis exploring ‘how humorous discourse is interpreted within the cognitive framework of Relevance Theory.’ Quite a dense text but worth a read for anyone interested in how linguistics and psychology come into play in comedy.

Humour as Art Form – Nathaniel Mellors’ essay explores different examples of humour as an art form.

Philosophy of Humour – An interesting summary and exploration of several philosophical approaches to humour.